Guest Post - A Farewell to Winter

A farewell to Winter 


The changing of the seasons is a magical time.

A time of anticipation. A time of slowly building excitement.


We feel the warmth return to the breeze.

We notice the garden slowly awakening from the cold.

 And we welcome the change we see, with stirrings for change within.

Spring is coming, Spring is coming

Birdies build their nest.

Weave together, straw and feather

Each one doing their best.


This is a guest post by the lovely Kelly from Happy Whimsical Hearts.  

Kelly is an Australian Waldorf inspired mum. She has three sweet children and they love playing, crafting, reading and gardening. Kelly shares about their Waldorf inspired days on Happy Whimsical Hearts. She is also a committed chocolate eater.


You can connect with Kelly on facebookinstagram and pinterest.